Published on April 14, 2012, by in Freeware, Productivity.

Hangouts The Easy Way

Unless you missed it this week, the big news out of Google besides their earnings report (higher than expected by the way) was the redesign of the ‘dashboard’ for Google+.  While many great perks exist within Google+, many note that it has taken awhile to get enough buy in as yet another social network.  With these latest updates, however, Google hopes to make it easier to use this and more powerful.

For education and educators, you can really get a lot out of Google+.  If for nothing else, the hangouts feature, multiple user web conferences, can allow you to join existing educationally-related groups or start your own.  Can you see students using this to collaborate with other students or with subject matter experts?  Lots of potential here.


Google+ Tools

All Your Apps, in One Easy Bar

Then they also moved the main buttons to the left side. So when you need to start a hangout, you can just click on that.  Want to see your Profile?  Click that.  See your Photos or Circles?  Yeah, right there in the dock.  I like that, keeps everything pretty organized.

So yeah, let’s see how users take to these new updates.  Google definitely seems to be expecting users to move toward this more organized layout.  Educators can definitely get some traction here with the hangouts and more and more educators just being on Google+.