Google Chrome Remote Desktop

Yup, Now You Can Troubleshoot From Anywhere!

Ever need to access your home computer at work, or maybe help a parent or friend troubleshoot?  Or maybe you work with online students or students at home and you want to help them work through something.  Many, many remote desktop applications exist.  From very difficult to very simple, although not too secure.  Google Chrome’s browser now released a beta (as is everything from Google) Remote Desktop app.

So a pretty simple app.  You must run Google’s Chrome browser (duh!), but then you install the plugin (here).  Then you are set.  If you want to share your desktop, you click it, and it will give you a code to share with the user on the remote end.  Vice versa if you want to connect to someone else.  Pretty easy and pretty slick.  All from within a Chrome tab.  Definitely a helpful app, for many, many situations.