Published on April 30, 2010, by in hardware, open source.

So Scary It's True...It may cause me a $1.00 for the potty word jar, but really, once again Apple not only abuses Apple’s powers, but now they bring in the government.  Well, they bring in the government this time for sure, they may have in the past, unbeknownst to us.

So what did they do this time?  You all probably heard of the apparent iPhone prototype left on a stool in a bar.  A reporter grabbed it, blogged about it, and posted pictures everywhere.  Eventually Apple got the phone back, but then they somehow had a warrant issued (http://gizmodo.com/5524843/police-seize-jason-chens-computers) to go in and pretty much take all of his computer/AV equipment.  Again, let me repeat, they ALREADY had the phone.

GRRRRRR!  Many are already calling for a ban on Apple. I guess this just further strengthens my anger toward them and the feeling that I will NOT be buying an Apple product home or professionally anytime soon.

If you believe in choice, common sense, Creative Commons, or just in not abusing the government/law enforcement’s powers, you’ll do the same.

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