Published on November 3, 2010, by in hardware, open source.
Who Sues Who

Who Sues Who

I recently ran across this diagram from phandroid.com, a great Android blog.  It highlights some of the craziness out in the business world these days.

I just finished watching the Rally to Restore Sanity/Fear, a tongue in cheek rally targeted at all the craziness going on in politics.  Unfortunately, I think you could also apply that to the mobile phone space these days.  As you can see, it seems only lawyers are succeeding off all the new phone technologies.

Seriously, I just cannot figure out how the government can issue patents on such basic things.  A touch screen?  Really?  Just some of this is so silly.  We hear so much about the fear of Socialism taking over the Country, but even if the government did take over everything, corporations own the government, as apparent from the patents issued, so it does not really matter.

I really hope with all this mess that we will look at our antiquated patent system and revise.  Like with Copyright, we do not seek to revoke the patent system, but just revise and make more common sense out of it.  Don’t stifle creativity.  Protect the businesses, yes, but also protect the freedom to create.